Bozeman celebrates new affordable housing development

Mayor Carson Taylor said affordable housing is high on the priority list. “This is proof that you can build something that is aesthetically pleasing, that is affordable and that is also environmentally sound,” he said.

Bozeman breaks ground on new affordable housing units

“The city is becoming ever more expensive, and this is just one little attempt we can make and the private sector can make to make housing more affordable for the city of Bozeman,” said Carson Taylor, the Mayor of Bozeman.

Crews start work on affordable housing units in Bozeman

In addition to lower rent the complex will also have green features like solar panels and solar-thermal hot water systems to help keep down the costs of utilities. Construction is expected to be completed next year with rentals starting soon after that.

Montana Renewables

Solar Hot Water and Solar Electricity Cut Costs for Bozeman Affordable Housing Project

This fall, the first residents will move in to the brand new 136-unit Larkspur Commons affordable housing development in Bozeman, serving residents earning less than 60% of the area’s median income. They may not know it yet, but two types of solar energy systems will reduce utility costs at their new home. Larkspur Commons is being built to include both a 4,000 square foot solar hot water system and a 12.42 kilowatt solar electric array on its roofs.

Large-scale, affordable housing complex comes to Bozeman

"If you're really going to have a robust community, you have to have affordable housing. Someone noted that this is the largest apartment complex built in the last 15 years," said Bullock. The complex assesses tenants by income and places them in a financial situation where they can afford their bills and start saving. The developers also wanted people to be proud of the homes.